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Hi,   How does everyone flavor their chocolate SMBC?  I notice that when I add melted cooled (yes I make sure it's completely cooled) chocolate, my icing is substantially more difficult to work with.  The chocolate changes the consistency.   I use high-quality dark chocolate couverture (Cocao Barry).    I am a hobbyist and am very discouraged as I tried to triple a batch last night to save time and it never came together (this was before any chocolate was added - I...
I never use cornstarch or powdered sugar. I will try adding a little crisco next time though.
It was a standard foil-wrapped board.  Cardboard I think.
The last two cakes I covered in Satin Ice had elephant skin and cracking at the bottom.  I don't consider myself slow when it comes to working the fondant once it's on the cake, but sure enough, when I got to smoothing the final parts of the "skirts" on my round cakes, they were cracking.   I used FondX once and liked it because it seemed immensely more workable, but it is not readily available here and I'd have to pay for shipping.   Should I add shortening to Satin...
Hi,   I never used to cover my cake boards, but I have decided to take my hobby to the next level and hopefully make my cakes look better.   I covered my board a couple of days in advance so it was well and set.  Then I placed my 6" cake on a 6" cake circle that was trimmed a little (so it was a touch smaller than 6") so that it wouldn't show at all, and covered it in fondant (all good up until then).   I then perfected the bottom edge of the tier but trimming the...
Thanks everyone - happy to see that I am not the only one who can't sketch!   I am seeing the bride next Friday to review the sketch and finalize design.  Hope she likes it!
I was hoping it was something easier - lol!  I thought maybe it was done with a Cricut and just stuck on.
I wish I knew who made this cake to give them credit, but I don't.  I have seen many cakes like this and would like to attempt one.  How are the appliques done?  Sorry for the file attachment - I couldn't figure out how to attach the photo.       
Thanks, Nadia!  I will use the Wilton plastic tube dowels.  I find them a PITA to cut, but perhaps I will invest in a pair of PVC cutters.
Hi,   I love bubble tea straws, and am making my friend's wedding cake in August.  I have used them to support up to 8" cakes, but can I use them for larger tier support?  If so, how many should I use?   I usually use 2 or 3 to support a 6" and 4 to support an 8".    Advice/comments?
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