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That's one cool panda!
Thanks, Krypto! I will order a large bottle!
Yes - paper towelling, electricity, gas for delivery - crazy expensive!!
Hi,   I am a hobby baker and have made LOTS of cakes (by my standards anyway) over the past few years.    Anyway, I have never really priced out how much my cakes cost to make since they are always gifts, however, I feel that it is getting expensive to gift cakes constantly so I want to start charging for materials.  I was just approached to make a two-tiered cake for $100, and I declined (as I always do), but I was really curious as to how much it would cost me to...
Thanks!  I sent over some ideas but she sent me back a picture of a cake that she liked.  It was for an 8-yr old girl, but she likes it anyway.
Hi,   Dh's friend's wife called me asking me to make a cake for her son's birthday.  He is 32. When I asked about a theme, she said that he loves pandas but doesn't want the cake to look like it's for a kid.   I was thinking that since pandas are black and white and tuxedos are black and white, perhaps I could make a simple white cake with tuxedo buttons in the front and a small panda figurine in the back?  I'm not sure how else to make this...
Hi, Ds wants a 3D great white shark jumping out of his cake. I plan on making the shark out of RKT. How far in advance can I do this? I have never worked with RKT before, so I'd like to try it out a week before the party. If it works well, can I refrigerate and use it? Or would that be too long?
We did discuss size so I'll stick with the original sizes. Thanks, everyone!!!
Hi,   I'm making a wedding cake for my friend's wedding this coming Saturday.  I originally was making a three tier round (12", 10", 8") cake to serve 118.  This is a free cake, and dh thinks we should give a gift on top of that since, "it is just cake after all and they won't understand how much time/effort went into it and you don't want to look cheap".   They never gave me a final tally but I imagine that there will be about 120-150 people at the wedding (as per the...
Thanks, Dayti.  I am going to print up your post and try it with my next cake.
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