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wow ive learned so much. thanks to everyone who posted.
Ice cream scoop.
I'm new to bakeing cakes and I've made cakes for friends, i bought wilton b/c of the 50% cupon. I would tell people it's edible but i dont like it. So I would scan the room and everybody eats the cake and butter cream but not the fondant. I tried MMF for the first time it's easy tast great and less than 5 bucks. You should try it and who doesnt like marshmalows.
I think sam's if not then i purchesed an edibale image and they personalized it for me for my daughters bday on ebay got it in less then a week it was perfect image it is on a drum cake. take a look. hope this helps. HAPPYCAKEING!!!!
try ebay or amazon
I just bought the one from tcb global also the cheapest that i found 50.00 includeing shipping on ebay, i dint know how much im going to airbrush and dint want to spend 2-3 hundred for something that would be sitting on the shelf so this 50 doller one had the same specs as the 2-3 hundered one so i went with it. Should be getting it tomarrow and cant wait to use it. Oh and it came with 4 colors.
Is this going to be a 3-d or a 1 layer cake with the bust and curves fovered in fondant?
I had the same thing happen to me ill pay you b/4 we leave work, turned into can i get you tomarrow,which turned in to a weak into next payday, and she kept raveing over how everyone loved the cake and it was all gone. Well after a weak and 1/2 On payday,I just asked her "hey ----------do you have the payment for the cake i made you, and after she came from lunch she paid me , lesson learned from now on COD or even better payment in full no latter then 2 days before cake...
Are you makeing a football field? I'm thinking of makeing a football helmet in oct for my hubby's bday. For tools i say rolling pin and pizza cutter, for cuting off your exses fondant these are my favs. you can also use a knife non serated. pointers make shure your buttercream is smooth b/4 you place your fondant on the cake to prevent lumps.and use a fondant paddle or your hands to smooth your fondant on your cake. For grass i would use buttercream. Hope this helps. Cant...
OMG I am the same way i started makeing cakes for b- days for family members and then everybody's jaw just go's to the the floor.Now my family's co workers want cake's made so, I make a cake, i get myself a new toy, I bought an airbrush online and should be geting it tomarrow and cant wait. goodluck and HAPPYCAKEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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