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I have a request for handpainted cookies. She saw the wedding cake cookies I did for someone else (in my pics) and wants something similar-cherry blossoms but add a koi. My question is would you price a painted cookie differently than a cookie with RI? I'm wondering if a personalization charge would apply? She wants 175 cookies.Thanks for your help!Oh, and the reason I'm unsure about pricing even though I've painted cookies before is that the wedding cake cookies were my...
I bought my KK from ebay and even with shipping to Honolulu it was a steal. I do cookies for friends and family so I'm not making money for cookies but I am happy with my purchase. I would buy it again.
Okay, maybe not really a cake-urgency for you, but for me it is. I am a novice caker and haven't caked since a super simple cake at Easter after which I focused on cookies and then found out I was expecting my first so I've been focusing on other things.Well, I've agreed to one last cake before the pans go into storage for a while and I swear, I read the instructions (this wasn't the first time I've made setting ganache but it's been months!) and I had my scale but...
Please help! I have almost 6 dzn cookies (more than half of this particular project) that have gone soggy. I flooded them this morning and they were fine, still crisp. I think I covered them up too early so that the RI couldn't dry right and now the cookies are soft. Is there any hope of saving them? Right now I have them uncovered in an ac room.
I always have that problem when I use purple color. For me, it's easier (and better for my sanity) to use red and blue and make it from scratch.
Maybe it's just me but sometimes my black pen starts to turn green. Possibly as it dries? Why not just do black RI?
Was there a reason that you weren't able to get all silver liners? If so, I think you should have let the bride know beforehand, even if it was just a courtesy call. If those were my cupcakes, yes, I would be concerned enough to call the baker and ask about the cake. Maybe you could offer a compromise and offer to send pictures instead? Sure, you would have to take the time to do the pics, but at least she wouldn't be in your space.
I wish I could help with those questions but I am a huge newb myself. Just bought a bunch of Sharon Z dvd and am watching them bit by bit.
Doesn't it feel good to see the progress??
I have the PME butterfly plungers and the Patchworks cutters that I just used for my butterfly cake.
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