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.....and this is why I love CC! I learned more about RIT from reading this thread than when I took a cake decorating class. Thanks for a great tutorial and everyone's great tips.
This seems like a grreat way to improve on my baking skills by learning from everyone soI'm in! I have Rose Levy Beranbaum's White Velvet Cake in the oven right now (from Roses Heavenly Cakes). Will let you know how it goes shortly!
wilton teal will give you that beautiful tiffany color. Just use a little at a time like JaimeCakes1001 said.
I just tried a peanut butter cake by a CC member who posts her videos on you tube. She says it's a variation of her scratch yellow cake. I made it this weekend and it's great. Maybe it'll give you an idea of how to change the recipe you're using. This is the link the linl doesn't work she goes by SeriousCakes.
If you can get a copy of The Cake Bible by Rose Beranbaum, try the Mousseline Buttercream. It does great in warmer temps. I believe it's an IMBC. It is the lightest shade of yellow and takes color very well. Very tasty and not overly sweet.
I have both the small and large wilton levelers. The large one is worthless. The blade bows which , I think, is the main problem.
I made this also and agree! This frosting was amazing with the red velvet cake!
I have tried the Mousseline and Neoclassic Buttercreams. They were both so yummy! The book has lots of information and tips on baking, it's great!
Thanks so much for the information!
The OP was about writing a BC article. Was the BC article ever wriitten?
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