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i guess ill make 6,8,10 inches then
thank you i wil be sure to use the dowels
im also making cookie pops and cupcakes!
i want to make a small 3 tier cake4,6,8 inches its for my sons first birthday for about 40-55 peoplemaking a cake with fondant ( with marshmallow fondant i am making)top tier chocolate with strawberry butter cream and fondantsecond teir funfetti with chocolate butter cream bottom tier marble with vanilla butter creamim going to fill it with those icings too and coat it do i still need dowels with it ?are the frosting okayam i missing anything
thank you jan texas it was me i posted at 10 places this the only one that i got a reply from and a very darn good one my sons favors are crown cookie cutters what filling would you suggest?
my son first birthday is coming up in november i plan on doing a marble 2-3 small tier cake with whipped cream filling and marshmallow fondant to cover it i want it to look something like thisi don't know the steps to making it I've watched youtube videos on how to make the fondant and the marble cake but i don't know how long to chill the cake and if i want to make it the night before will it be okay to get pop in the refrigeratorany advice?what tools do i need?will it be...
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