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I am not a fan of the new look. I miss being able to see on my pictures how many views and favorites have been added. It is still "buggy" too. I agree that there is more room for ads and less room for cake viewing as well. Please find a balance.
I was wondering the same thing. I can't see that it is sturdy if the legs are not attached to both plates. I have a client that hates the stand I have and wants me to stack with Styrofoam blocks covered in ribbon. This is what I usually do and it seems to be as safe as these. I will also say that since cakes covered in fondant are extremely heavy, the thick cake boards are able to hold up to the weight.If anyone has any more advice, I would appreciate it.
I am thinking I want to jump in with airbrushing cakes. Can anyone suggest a moderately priced airbrush and compressor? I found what looks like a good one that is new on Ebay, but thought I best check here to see what it is I need to look for in an airbrush kit.Thanks so much in advance,Kirsten
I am new to the wedding part of the business. Usually I work on children's cakes and baby cakes. I have a client who wants to taste 6 cakes with 6 different fillings. I feel this is excessive and therefore have not gotten back to her. In addition, she has picked the most expensive cake flavors I offer. I would appreciate to know if there is an industry standard for these requests. Thanks so much.
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