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My husband bought me the grey one for our anniversary. I sold my Artisan on Ebay. I love it. It is powerful and quiet. This weekend I am going to make a tiered paisley cake and I'll have to make a lot of batter so I'll taking advantage of the size. I love it I know I said it already
Hi, I'm Debra and I'm a cake supply addict. I am so glad to know I'm not alone. I also don't make enough cakes to support the amount of supplies I own. My new thing is to make a project once a week and use something new for each one. This week is the paisley pan set. next week is edible gems!! ( that one is a new skill wish me luck)
I saw a few cakes in the gallery that feature cake transfers. How do you use them? Are they difficult? Thanks
Hi,Made my 1st batch of chocolate fondant. I made 2 batches. First one seems a little dry and hard. Can I add some satin ice white to it to make sure it spreads? Second batch seems soft I kept adding powdered sugar and kneading. I wrapped both until tomorrow ( probably cover cakes Thursday)Should I add more sugar to 2nd batch when I roll out? Or add Satin Ice ?
Hi,New to this and just wondering. How many boxes of cake mix does it take to do a 10x2 cake?I would bake from scratch but I'm pressed for time and it's for a cake class. It's also the first time using this size pan ( I already bought the heating core on advice). I plan on using Duncan Hines any ideas or suggestions?
Hi, New to making and decorating. I'm taking Wilton decorating classes. I have an anniversary cake to make. They requested chocolate cake. Can I do chocolate buttercream filling and crumb coat then white fondant (satin ice) or should I crumb coat w/ white buttercream? Any advice would be appreciated.
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