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Can anyone else help ?
A double acting has an added or sometimes two acids such as monocalcium phosphate and sodium acid pyrophosphate or sodium aluminum phosphate; salt acids such as potassium bitartrate aka cream of tartar only offers a single rise. Adding the monocalcium phosphate might make it a double acting I just don't know how much would work Any advice
Thank you for the responces... However can anyone provide a more clear formula for a double acting leavening agent? I have a for a single agentbut I'm still looking for a double acting agent...Thanks for your help
Can anyone help
What ingredients are in a good double acting leavening agent and what percentage of each ingredient is needed for a layer cake recipe?
Great to know!!! Thanks for the info
To all my cakecentral family!Happy National Cake Decorating Day!!!May you all have a wonderful day decorating!!!Jovigirl
I ended up make ice cream sandwiches & forgot about this thread I started Wow Truffles & marshmellow OMG how dangerous does that sound, I can see my hips growing just thinking about it!!! I'm not very culinary smart for trying & adjusting recipes.. So hoping someone will try this experiment soon & let use know I've made a chocolate cake before & added marshmellows on top once it was baked & put it bake in the oven to roast the marshmellow & my kids went absoulutely...
I always love Dougs post as well!! so brilliant every time!!!I would love for Doug & maybe Indydebi to sart & colum here on CC
So do you use a full lindt truffle for a reg size cupcake ir just half?sounds devine Can't wait to try it
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