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i used black food colouring to make a grey sugar paste, the following day the colour had turned a pale green, and i don`t know why?  I also watered down some black for my airbrush, and the same thing happened , does anyone know why?
this has happened 3 times to me now......i`ve coloured some white rollout fondant with wiltons pink colouring, covered my cake, but the following day my pink fondant has started to turn white and i don`t know why ? any ideas anybody
many thanks for all that!! Do you actually have any tips on doing the said cake?
Im very sorry about that.....i live in England and thats what we call lorries.....i suppose in the USA you call them trucks?
thats did you go about doing it,....size of sponge length etc......many thanks
many thanks for your informative reply......would there be any photos of lorrys you yourself have made to give me a general idea how this might look? many thanks once again for your time
just a unmoving articulated lorry....thanks
how would i go about making a articulated lorry cake
how do i do the effect of hearts or stars on wires that i see on so many cakes stuck in the centre of the cake
how they do the centerpiece of a cake where it shows either stars or hearts shooting out the top of the cake on either flower wire or something, it is so effective and i would love to know how it is done?
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