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Awesome! Thanks everyone!!
Thank you both for your help and input!! I had tried using my normal BC recipe (not cooked) and added some lemon juice and lemon zest... but I just wasn't thrilled with the flavor. I am definately going to try the meringue version.
Hello everyone! A friend just asked me to make a Butter cake with Lemon Buttercream icing for her Daughter's Baptism. This is a combination I have never done before and do not have a Lemon Buttercream recipe. Anyone out there have a good one? Has anyone done this flavor combo in the past? What are your thoughts on it?? Thank you in advance!!
Great ideas! Thanks everyone!!
So funny! Thanks for sharing.
Wow! I am amazed. I have had "friends" ask me to bring cakes... and assume they will be a gift. That is offensive enough, but for someone to want a receipt for "ingredients" with no thought to your time, skill or generosity is beyond me!! Again, Wow!
Duff's fondant is made by Fondarific. I generally make my own fondant, but used Duff's in a pinch when I needed some black. It is pricey, but less so if you use a 40% coupon that Michaels generally has available. I was pretty pleased with the taste and consistency. I have read that Fondarific comes in a large quantity of flavors. I might give it a try.
So many of us work BEST under pressure! I'm sure you'll do a great job. : )
Maybe try ebay. If you can't find an actual "cake topper", I am sure you will find some of the plastic figurines which will do just fine. Good luck! : )
I have also been shopping for the Topsy Turvy pans you are speaking of and have never seen them for less than $135.00. I think they might be worth it though! : )
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