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To get the fondant to stick to the cake you need to "crumb coat" the cake first with icing... such as buttercream. Crumb coating is just a fancy way to say cover the cake in icing. Let it set up and roll out your fondant and lay it over the cake. Start at the top and smooth it down and then work your way PATIENTLY down the sides from the top to the bottom to work out all the pleats. Be sure not to push in the pleats because they will not go away if you do this. You just...
Thank you all so much!! I will try all these ways and see which comes out best!
I'm talking about the actual coral structure. The little pieces I've got figured out, but the actual coral look is what I need. The greyish and white part.
The cakes from the 2009 OSSAS with all the realistic coral reefs... did they just sculpt out of gumpaste and/or fondant or is this done with sugar somehow? I have a cake coming up that I'm gonna need to put coral and I really really want it to look realistic. If it is just with gumpaste/fondant, how in the heck did they do it?
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