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Hi all! I have been using Satin Ice for awhile. The first time I ordered, it was amazing! It tasted like MMF. Then when I reordered, I got the buttercream, which wasn't AS good, but it was delicious. Recently, I accidently ordered the vanilla in Red, black, and white...It was AWFUL! It tasted AND smelled like playdoh! I was wondering what everyone else uses with not only a great flavor, but easy to work with and holds up well.
I truly understand where you are coming from. I was recently accused of covering a toy with fondant to pass off as cake for the steampunk competition. One of my clients had joined cake central just to see my work on here due to the fact that I haven't made my webpage yet. She commented that it was cake, and one of the members made it seem like I had joined under a different name just to comment on my own cake. It was absurd! I was soooo upset, not angry at first, just sad...
Ok everyone... a little help needed. Say you are making just a basic sheet cake. What would you charge for each size? 1/4 sheet? 1/2 sheet? full sheet? I think that I am undercharging. Also, everyone's opinion on servings seems to be different, so if you don't mind putting in your own opinion about how many servings per each sheet cake size I would appreciate it.
Hey everyone! I was just wondering what everyone's favorite cake board coverings are... what do you mostly use? Also, what have you used in the past that didn't work out so well? I'm looking for new ideas!
I have been given a request for chocolate ganache filled candies. Do you think regular chocolate ganache that you would pour over cakes would be good for this? I can't think of any recipes that I have that would work well. Any suggestions would be welcome! Thank you!!!
Thank you!!!
Ok everyone, I've searched but can't find the cake ball forum.... HELP!
I've had this happen when I used black wilton just to make a marble effect on my cake board. It was mostly white with just a little of the black in it. As it dried it started to turn green, and the next day it even spread to the white. It was aweful! I hadn't ever had it happen before and I haven't had it happen since, but... who knows. I rarely use Wilton ANYTHING unless I run out of something that I can't get around here, then that is the only choice I have.
I also just use Satin Ice. I've tried the more expensive ones and went right back to Satin Ice. It's just easier to work with and it does taste pretty darn good. My kids are always asking "are you gonna need that piece? If not, can I have it?" The ONLY time I use Wilton is if it's a fake cake and I don't have time to order more Satin Ice (no stores in my area carry anything other than Wilton ) I guess to answer your question, it is simply a personal choice. More than 1/2...
I already questioned her on how she did this cake. She did in fact use the Caddy Wampus Cake Stand... you can find it at
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