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Hi Apti!I bake cakes and I cover them with fondant, so I don't have any piping equipment at the moment. But I would mostly use the tips for decorating cupcakes. You can't buy Wilton products here in Slovenia and also other equipment is hard to get here, that is why I have to order from the UK. But thank for the new topic idea ... I might try that So these are the things I think I have to get:- tips I mentioned before- standard and large coupler (becouse of the different...
Hi everyone! I need your help ... I would love to order some Wilon decorating tips and all the other stuff I need to go with those, but I am afraid to miss something in my order and then not be able to use them. I must order them via internet from the UK. Please can you write me a list of everything I need for this tips: #1a, #104, #12, #1M, #22 adn #69.Thank you in advance!
Thank you msulli10 and imagenthatnj Maybe making a pink velvet cake is not a bad idea at all. I will try and let you know
Hmmm ... didn't know about the brownish color. My problem is that in my country is difficult to find even regular red color, natural colors are impossible to find here. I could order it from the UK but shipping is to high. The other problem is that this cake is not so popular here and I don't know how people would react to it (even if I put beets). I adore the taste and don't mind the color, but people here avoid putting too much color or premade ingredients (ex. frosting)...
Hi! I decided to make a red velvet cake as a present. I like the taste of this cake, but I don't know if they will like me adding the red color. So my question is: Can I make the cake without adding the red color? Thank you very much for all your tips!
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