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I purchased a Silhouette SD from Linda McClure several months ago and can't get it to cut correctly. On her video, the custom blade she provides appears to fit snuggly in the machine but mine is loose. Has anyone else had this problem?Thanks!Brendy
I tried the JEM cutters and could not get them to work at all. The gumpaste stuck in the cutters and by the time I got the flower out it was dried and distorted. I used the PME plunger cutters for mine and they turned out great!
A bride wants me to make this cake for her - 3 tiers not 4. She wants buttercream. I'm assuming the chocolate parts are made from a mold? I have a couple of questions:1. does anyone know where I would find this mold? I've looked on global sugar arts site and could find it.2. how much would you charge to make this cake?Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I'm sorry if this has already been asked. I've been using the search function for over an hour and can't find the answer. May be user error on my part but in any case...Can any cricut machine be used to cut gumpaste? I'd rather spend $120 on a basic machine than over $400 on the cake version.
I make my own, mold it while it's a little warm then paint it with royal icing once it's cool. The royal icing helps smooth out the surface.
really? I did a search and didn't find anything. I must have spelled it wrong or something. I'll check again - thanks!
Has anyone used the Curiut scrapbook tool used for cake decorating? It looks pretty amazing. I found a website that talks about it but CC isn't letting me post the link no matter what I put it blocks it out. I can understand why they would do that but I really just want info - LOL! The site is creative designs cakes and it has the usual dot com ending.
I apologize if this question has already been asked but I searched through this forum and couldn't find what I was looking for. What type of containers (other than coffee mugs) do people put their cookie bouquets in? Can anyone recommend a place to buy inexpensive containers?Thanks in advance! I've learned so much in this forum!
Several people said they used Shiney's method for putting the sticks on the bags. It took me some time searching to find the post. So if anyone else is having trouble finding it:
Does any bake / make frosting without using hydrogenated oil? I found Spectrum Naturals Organic Shortening mentioned on someone elses site but it's pretty pricy. I already use cage free eggs and organic butter I don't want to add even more cost to my ingredients. I have some palm oil that is kind of thick like shortening but it is thinner than say Crisco. Any ideas?
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