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They are coming out with a cricut just for cake!!of course after I bought mine!
Yes 3.50 each! I'm a cake person, this is how we make money? People have no problem spending it.
I charge 3.50 each for cake balls and lollycakes on a stick are 4.00 each both sold by the dozen
Can someone explain to me how to do this? Is the ball bigger than the pot so it doesn't go all the way inside? Do you use lolly sticks or wooden?
A petit four is a 1x1 inch peice of cake that has 3 layers of cake ad at least 2 layers of filling a petir four sec is a tart or other pastry that is one bite. When making the cakes the layers of cake have to be super thin, You can make them in a sheet, freeze before you cut them! then you can dip or pour them with fondant, also you could glaze them then use rolled fondant, this is very pretty as well. to avoid them being dry wrap them in plastic before you cut them, after...
Wilton fondant words well and dries hard, just put the fondant your not working with in a zip lock.
i got my cricut in the mail, i can't get it to cut the fondant, Can someone give exact instructions please? I'm trying to cut out names. Everyone says it's so easy what am I missing. I know there is a video but I'm tryig to get this to work before the holiday. I will order the video later.
This is my first post here are a few yummy cake ball ideas from my website Banana ~cake with chocolate Kailua frosting strawberry cake ~fresh strawberries and vanilla frostingPeanut butter~ peanut butter cake and frostingRed velvet ~cream cheeseLemon~ lemon cake with vanilla frostingOrange Sunshine~ orange cake with blackberry buttercream Cappuccino~ white cake with coffee buttercreamCoconut Rum - coconut cake with a light rum frosting Lime Margarita~ fresh lime cake with...
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