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Hello fellow ccers!I have been looking for packaging for my cakepops but have been unsuccessful. The Wilson brand baggies are never big enough. I've tried the foil wraps and they are good for some cakepops and occasions but not others. Just wanted to know where others are finding their plastic wraps coverings for their cakepops. TIA!
Hello CC!Does anyone have any tips for what color food color to use to tint fondant champagne in color?
I'm feeling 2 different things about this Bill. I'm a little disappointed that it's so limiting in terms of where sales can be made but I'm excited that it's a step in the right direction. Hopefully in a couple of years we can get them to amend the Bill to include more.
WHAT!!!!! REALLY?!?!?! This is the best news I've had today!!!! Whooohooo!!!!
Hello CCers!I have been trying to find a suitable coating for my cakepops, oreos, strawberries, etc. and it hasn't been easy! I have tried just about every brand of wafer including Merkens, Wilton, and a few other brands and they all have an artificial taste that totally takes away from the confection. I've used real chocolate chips which seems to be waaaaaaay too thick and breaks up the cake pop/cookie/fruit although the taste is great! I recently went to Wal-Mart and...
Hello CCers,For those of you who are interested I FINALLY have a conclusion to this story and I will NEVER EVER make the mistake of not getting an entire payment up front EVER AGAIN.After months of writing emails and making phone calls that went unanswered. I put the internet to use and dug a little deeper and found the contact information for the non-paying clients husband and father-in-law. The last email that I sent her was accompanied with an invoice and completed...
Can anyone tell me how do I find out what level of insurance coverage that I will need? I'm not sure where to begin.
Thank you Jason_Kraft and KroyAK, both those rates sound really reasonable.
Hello Fellow CCers!I an in need of some good AFFORDABLE liability insurance. Does anyone have a good company they can recommend? TIA!!
FullHouse, I am not familiar with the term certified PCI Compliant. Can you explain please?
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