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i love you both
what do you do? i can never get buttercream to look like fondant but i have a new small group of friends who have started ordering. but they are all insisting on no fondant. Of course i want the order, but how can i get across to them that all the pictures that brought them to me in the first place is not what they are going to get?
Lilly, i work with rkt a good bit and i'd have to guess you might need up to 3 full recipes. that's pretty fair size to carve a great curve, I don't know that I wouldn't use Oboeplayers suggestion. My best tip?: pack them hard and tight into the pan when you make them. push and push until you just don't think you can compact them anymore. and let them dry overnight if you can. good luck! if you use rkt i can't wait to see it. You can do almost anything with rkt if you...
i could not find what you do for a Strawberry lemonade, any help out there?  
i need to do a 2d lion head on a sheet cake. it's going to be iced in buttercream. I usually have no problem just going with the flow, but this has me stumped. Should I draw it in colored buttercream or make a fondant 'plaque'? one problem I have with that is that I have no brown dust, but I do have brown color i could paint with.  
ps, is for smash cake so flavor is not of greatest importance.
I have a carved car that is so soft even the freezer isn't doing anything to help. I need to get this covered in fondant. Should i just bake another cake? what can i leave out of wasc to keep it firm????? due in the am.
I guess I was just worried about it picking up any odors. lol. Thanks!!!
i need my non-crusting icing to chill to get the fondant on it, how do I wrap it for the fridge without the plastic pulling all the icing off???/
ok i made it through page 189 but got nothing done for a solid week. I have a question about Macmom's truffle filling, can I fill and freeze a cake made with this???
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