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i don't need the belly or neck, and I have the 1/2 sport ball pan. what size sheet would you use if you were making it? (servings don't matter on this one)   tia
what a failure. I made another batch of icing. it just wouldn'[t stick to the cake, kept sliding off. I put everything in the fridge overnight and when i tried to rebeat the last batch it curdled. going to have to make some creamcheese and slap it on there real quick. so disappointed and wasted a pound and a half of butter on 3 batches. never again.
that's what i did. will sit it in the fridge a  bit and beat again. pray for me....  
and the cake is for tomorrow. I followed the Waldorf Astoria recipe to the letter. and it's way too thin to put on a cake, please can someone tell me what to do to thicken it enough to use? tastes awesome and I hate to just dump sugar in there if that's not the best option
as it turns out, when I emailed her she went into a little shock. So provided she meets me today with the cash, I will be doing the cake. But learned a lot, be firm.
Thanks guys. I just needed a little backup in my corner lol. I have cancelled her contract. I did not give her til the end of day as it's not a good day for me to sit home waiting on someone, I have a load of things to do so I just cut the cord.
total price was 825. I had no idea at the time that things would take off like they have. I love doing kids cakes so so so much more. even if I wound up with no orders for that weekend, it won't hurt my feelings, I could spend time with my family lol.  
contract does state $100 non refundable deposit that I collected at the tasting. Would it be rude to call in the morning and give them til end of day? And just say that if I really wanted out what would you do? I've just discovered that weddings are so much more stressful and even though the money is great, I don't need the stress in my life and this would be the worst. (5 tier, some onsite work would have to be done, etc)  
i'm a pretty laid back person and always bend over backwards taking last minute orders when I'm covered up, running late, any number of things. I'm not quite sure what to do in this situation. I have a signed contract for wedding cake. half of total was due Feb 28th. didn't pay. I contacted bride about something else and mentioned it casually. (her dad is paying) she said she would get with him and email when it was sent. Total was due March 26th, dad called me and...
I finally printed it all out!! I have a question. I made a 'rainbow' cake out of the vanilla recipe (that people rave over) it came out really dense. all of the food color I imagine but how to do it without changing the amazing flavor, texture?
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