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What kind of wire is used for the "bursts" coming out of a cake? Where do I get it from? Which would be better for attachments? Gumpste or fondant? And how are they attached...just sliding the wire in or some special technique?Thanks.
Kitagrl - I let the cake cool for about 10-15 minutes. I live in NJ. I always keep the temperature in the house about 68. I took the cake out of the fridge and immediately started icing. I didn't think it had time to condense. I won't do that again. Thanks!Indydebi - I know exactly what you mean about the "film" which I didn't like. 2 MINUTES!!!!!! WOW! AND LEVELED TOO??!! I will try that! I can totally agree with you about the patience issue! Thanks!Kitagrl...
I have 2 issues I need help/advice with.1. I grease and flour my pans. When I turn them out, some parts have stuck to the pan making the cake "flaky" (my termonology). How can I get it perfectly smooth?2. I crumb coated for the first time today. I filled the cake this morning and decided to give it a quick crumb coat so that when I put the buttercream on, it would go that much quicker. I put it in the fridge for about 8 hours. Took it out and started icing and the...
I am fairly new to red velvet cake. What is the texture of red velvet cake supposed to be? Is it a little on the dry side? I tried a RV recipe (not Raven's) and I thought the tast was good but a little dry.
LOL - yes...that's the name...I knew it was something easy!Cakeman/Caveman...same thing. I combined the cake with the rave and got caveman!!!Ill do a recipe search! Didn't find it...HELP!!!
I just had the Red Velvet Cake recipe from Caveman (I think that was the name) and now I can't find it!!!!! Does anyone have this recipe?T H A N K S!!!
Ursula40 - I purposely made it last night thinking the color would intensify and it was still dark gray. This morning I added a little more black color and I'm letting it sit until tonight when I'm ready to use it. I'll see if it got any darker. Hmmm we're thinking alike! Chasey - I'm going to Michaels now and I'll pick up the Wilton black icing...just in case!KHalstead - That's what I wanted to hear...No Taste! It says right on the Wilton bottle that using too much...
I'm trying to make black icing and seem to keep adding Black Americolor gel but its only a very dark gray. (I started with chocolate buttercream)In the past, I used Wiltons and used alot which then left a chemical/burnt taste so I guess I'm afraid of the same thing happening. I'm using about 2 cups of the chocolate buttercream. How much color would it require...5 drops...half a bottle...or just till its "black"?(Red is another tough color to achieve)TIA
I've never worked with edible images (I'm still new and learning). Can it be put on fondant? Any and all tips are greatly appreciated! TIA
Thanks Sugarcheryl. Didn't think you would re use the fondant after it was taken off the cake. I always measure the height (usually 4") X 2 then across the top. plus 1 or 2 inches. So if I have an 8" cake (either round or square) the measurements would be 4 + 4 + 8 =16" + 1 or 2 " extra = 17 or 18".
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