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Looks like I'll try the "Updated" version.Thanks
I want to try Michele Foster's fondant recipe because it is getting rave reviews, but which one should I use? Fondant - Updated Fondant or Delicious Fondant?TIA
I tried to cover a 10" square with Satin Ice Black Fondant. I put it on and it started tearing! I took it off, kneaded it with some glycerin and was just about to put it back on and the same thing is happening - its tearing.I really wanted black but if I color white (I have americolor black coloring) with the black how much will it take? I don't have a full bottle and I don't want it gray.THANKS!!!!!
I have not tried the nail but you could use an old towel cut up in strips and wet them. Worked for me!
I need to know how everyone gets their writing so nice and even. I don't have a Kopykake machine. I have nice handwriting but when it comes to cakes, my hand starts to shake and I can't space evenly. I have a specific font I want to use on a cake for this Wednesday but don't know how to acheive it. Also, I had thought of an edible image but my Walmart won't do it for me so that's out of the question.TIA!!!!!!
Thanks everyone for your great suggestions! Bubble3h3ad - I saw that tutorial but I don't have the SPS with the "rings" so I'm not sure what she's talking about unless I actually had the product.Wooden balls/cabinet knobs are very interesting!!!!Since I need this in a couple of days and don't really have time to go shopping...I was thinking of gluing some water bottle caps to the bottom of my foamcore think that will work?Diane- can't wait to try your GORGEOUS...
I'm always having trouble lifting my cakeboard (can't get my hands underneath it). Is there some way to put "feet" on the bottom of the board to raise it up just a little? TIA
I just had this issue last week. I called Americolor and they said it was best to start off with white bc and add the black gel instead of starting with chocolate bc and using the black. (I actually did it both ways and prefer the white because the texture was the same as the rest of the cake - I did a guitar). Also in the past, I used Wiltons black and I guess I used too much and it had a chemical/burnt taste to it. It also stated that on the label. I like the...
Silly question...are you supposed to "wet" the crusted buttercream in order for the fondant to adhere?
I have an order for a chocoholic...what would knock their socks off? Must be tried and true! Thanks!
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