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I am making a Red Velvet cake and cannot seem to find regular buttermilk - only the lowfat. Is this ok?
I'm trying this recipe for the first time right now. Some cuppies are done and they taste good. It's easy and not alot of crazy ingredients. I got it from This is from cakelady.If you decide to try it, let me know what you think.Yellow Butter Cake - Makes 7 1/2 C batter for two 8" round pans1 1/2 C butter (room temp) no margarine2 1/2 C granulated sugar (I like to use raw sugar in this one)5 eggs1 tsp pure vanilla extract3 C all purpose flour...
Thanks for the relpy ...still some questions...does using margarine differ than using butter? (I use butter for everything)I plan on making my own RKT. Is 10 days to far in advance to make it? I made one last nite as a practice and it came out good - can I use that or should I make a fresh one?Regarding the "glue" about how much water and how much tylose? How long would you leave them in the oven for? Just till they're firm? I want to do thin fondant stripes on the...
Questions:RKT - How far in advance can I make the item? I'm doing a cake for the 14 and wanted to experiment with RKT and it came out good. Can I use this one or make a fresh one?I want to "harden" some fondant for a babeball cap bill. I would add tylose to the fondant, much? Whenever I place a colored fondant decoration on to a fondant covered cake, if I move the decoration, it leaves the color. Can this be removed? Can a water mark on fondant be...
When I go back to the store, I am going to take a picture to show you! Couldn't you "hide" the icing??? I'm jealous!
Ok don't have a Super Walmart by me so I buy my food at Shop Rite. Today I rechecked the carton of eggwhites. It said specifically not for meringues. One was a name brand and the other was a store brand. I will check other grocery stores when I can. Thanks for all your info!!!!!
I tried Warren Browns's IMBC recipe and although mine didn't come out right in texture, it was delish!BUT!!!!...I had a carton of egg whites and it says on the carton that it should not be used for meringues. Of course I read this AFTER I started the recipe and they were not volumnizing! Is there a specific brand of egg whites?
Have some fondant issues I need help are they applied straight and without distorting from handling?When I have to adhere a fondant decoration (I brush with water) to the cake, I can't really adjust it because the color from the decoration leaves a mark on the fondant. Can this be prevented?Any tips for evenly spacing you make a mark on the cake?THANKS!
SandiOh,Would you mind sharing the recipe???? THANKS!!!
I did try Cakeman Raven's recipe and although I'm not a RV expert...I thought it was good...very moist too!
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