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durell87Where do you get yours? Online? Can you recommend a place?Thanks!!!
So truc!!! I bought primary color liners with chocolate cake and you couldn't even see the colors!
Hi. I just made cupcakes and used Wiltons cupcake liners. After a few minutes, the sides started to "fold". Why does this happen? How do I prevent it from happening again?ThanksKerrie
Cakestiles,Thanks for the reply. I'm totally new to the edible images. I ordered some and last week tried a small one. (It is made with the following:"Our Edible Image Sheets are All Natural made with only 3 ingredients - potatoes, water, and vegetable oil. Kosher approved & safe to consume with no preservatives, Friendly to the environment with no plastic backing sheet to throw away, & Economical costing about half the price of other Edible Images. We print with FDA...
What can be done for Justin Bieber? TIA
Does the ganache (for either frosting or filling) have to be made with chocolate chips? I'd prefer a rich milk chocolate instead. I've never used it before - I'm a little afraid. I always think of ganache as drippy. So I make it...let it cool down to thicken...then rewhip??? Also...can you see the brown frosting under white fondant?
Anyone have a good cannoli filling recipe that doesn't require refrigeration? TIA
Just like the subject says.Thanks!
I really need to know how far in advance RKT can be made. I made a batch with butter last week for practice (my first time using RKT). The shape came out good enough to use as the real decoration. Can I use this? Is it edible? Or should I make a newer fresh one? When molding, should I packe it together or just gently/lightly mold it?Is homemade better to use or the pre made?THANKS SO MUCH!!!!! I need to do this tomorrow!!!!PS I just did a practice run with some...
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