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I just baked a 12 X 18 X 3 sheetcake. I used 2 flower nails and baked at 325. Tested - tester was clean. Turned it out on a rack to cool. Whe I went to level it - the middle seemed soggy. I put the tester back in and it came out \\"wet\\". I can\\'t chance having an underbaked cake, so I cut into it and it looked fine. Needless to say, I have to re bake the cake. I think that the cooling rack was not high enough for air circulation as there was condensation on the...
What is the best chocolate to use for ganache? Does it have to be all semi or bittersweet? I'm thinking it might not be sweet enough for a milk chocolate lover? I would like to use it as a cake filling.THANKS
I want to do an Oscar the Grouch in the garbage can cake next week for my grandson's 1st birthday (for approx 50 people). Obviously I need height for the can. Making 4 layers scares me - how is this cut and served? OR...can I use a cake dummy or 2 then the regular 4" (2 layer) cake on top with oscar coming out. She wants butter cream. Is there any special preparation for the cake dummies?Any and all advice is appreciated!TIA
Ummmm.....what does IYKWIM mean?
Where are the directions for the roller method? I beleive Melvira uses this technique.Thanks
Where are the directions for the roller method? I beleive Melvira does this.Thanks!
I just did an Elmo cake and I needed 1 1/2 cups red icing. I used about 1 1/2 jars of Wilton no taste red with a tiny bit of orange (according to Wilton instructions). It takes alot! I read somewhere that Americolor red is good also but I haven't tried that.
Hmmm...interesting! I'll have to try that!Thanks for sharing.
Dora,I just went to cupcake-creations and I'm not seeing cupcake liners. Can you give me their email address so I know I'm in the right place.Thanks!
Thank you Dora. I will check them out!
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