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Thanks Kakeladi,I agree that a tier will have a bit more imprssive than a sheet. 2 tiers? Can you guide me on the sizes for 100 people? This is my first order for 100 people. I've never done more that 2 tiers so I'm a little nervous to experiment.Maybe some cornelli lace with a ribbon? I'd like it to be elegant.
Hi,I'm at a loss for a "design" for an Eastern Star cake for 100 people. I have the design of an hourglass in an oval shape which I'm going to have my welder fabricate for me out of stainless steel for the top of the cake (vertical)I am at a complete loss for an idea for the cake. Tier - sheet? What designs? Colors are black and silver.TIA!!!!!!
Would IMB be ok for a child party (6 year olds) or is it a "grown up" buttercream?TIA
I can't find the extender recipe. There is one that sayx cake extender but it doesn't open.Anyone have the recipe to use with this butter cake mix?Thanks
Thanks EmilyJo9,I only know of one kind of almond bark and that has whole almonds in it!!! Would not make a smooth finish!!! Where do you buy the almond it available all year? Thanks
What is almond bark?
I got mine from
I use Edible (No space) Janie is in MI and is very helpful and fast!
I did an 8 x 11 edible image of a blackberry on a cake cut to the shape. I brushed with piping gel. It was rippley. I just went to look at it and the fondant is breaking at an edge. I'll try to upload a picture now. I'm rebaking now as I have one more image. Should I spritz the top of the fondant?Please help!TIA!!!!!!
What is the best way to torte such a large cake without breaking it?
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