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I use the "Extra Special Buttercream" recipe here on this site. Although the recipe does not say cream cheese, you'll find the cc variation in the comments.I add 8 oz cream cheese and this is the best cream cheese buttercream icing so far.
I used the "extra special buttercream" recipe but I added 8 oz cream cheese to make it cc buttercream which I have done before. I think I added a little too much cream. It wasn't very hot yesterday. I think the fact that it was a little soft and then the vibration and bumps from driving is what caused the "slip". Just my guess.
I made a buttercream cake (with fondant decorations). It was fine at home. When I got to the destination, I opened the box and there was a small spot in the front where the ining came off the cake and the side looked like the icing had "slipped" down a little bit.I thought the icing was a little soft...could that be the reason? When I ice the cake, I try to do an up and down figure 8 motion to make sure it is sticking to the cake.TIA
I agree with IG. I did mine the same way - in a 13 x 9 pan and leaving it in the pan.
I use a scratch recipe and I think it calls for about 3 cups of milk to be poured on/into the cake. I just pour it slowly and it absorbs. They say its best the next day. I'm not really too familiar with a tres leche cake but my spanish customer said mine was awesome. HTH
When I need to make gumpaste/fondant decorations, I always make more than I need. What do I do with the extras? I really hate to throw them away. How would I store them and for how long would they keep?TIA
I use the "Extra Special Buttercream Icing Recipe" on this site. I add 8ounces of cream cheese to the basic recipe. I like this one the best. I just finished making 4 batches!
Make sure the 16" fits in your oven and use flower nails/heating core.
I'm making a 14" round - scratch rv recipe - followed to a T - even used 4 flower nails. Baked at 325 for 2 hours. Looked beautiful during baking. Tester came out clean. Took it out of the oven and the middle sunk somewhat. What can I do to fix this???TIA
I just made a double batch - in 2 - 9" square pans. Baked at 350 for about 1 hour. One seems fine - the other sunk in the center. I even used a flower nail. Now I'm getting stressed!I have an order for another red velvet cake for 100 people. I can't have problems! Any suggestions?Thanks.
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