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Is there a chart or a guide as to how much cake is needed for a specific amount of people? For example if you need to do a cake for 50 people what sizesizes could acheive that?
How big of a starfish are you looking for?
I too will be making a scuba/sea cake in a few weeks and I just purchased several chocolate molds in the "sea" theme from post a picture when you're done.
Hi. I've never done any figures and I'm trying to recreate a scuba cake.Here is the link cake will be 8" square (per customer request)I need help with the scuba diver, shark and mask. Should these be gumpaste, fondant or RKT? Any and all help, suggestions are greatly appreciated!TIA Kerrie
I have an order for my FIRST PAID cake and I'm sooo nervous! It will be for about 10 people. It is for her husband's 40th birthday and his interests are photography and scuba diving. She wants a square cake, she said chocolate chiffon cake (is there a difference between that and regular chocolate? She had watched Cake Boss and he mentioned chiffon so that's where she got it from). She also said she wanted blackberry filling!? I told her I'm not sure about that...
Thanks so much tsal!
Could you please let me know where you found that. I too saw that recipe but don't remember where. I need to start printing or saving! Thanks so much. Hope your're feeling better!
I made Wiltons Butter Cake recipe and put the entire batch (about 7 1/2 cups) in a 12 inch pan. After I took it out of the oven to cool, the center sank a little. I'm not happy with this! I'm thinking of just getting a DH yellow mix. Do I need to use a flower nail? I tried this one time before and it seemed to not work. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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