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I made my first figure (a scuba diver) which weighs a little more than 3.5 lbs! I wanted it to go on the side of an 8# square cake to look like he's swimming. I'm thinking its too heavy to attach with toothpicks/spaghetti. Maybe I can sort of rest him on the cake board leaning against the side and perhaps secured with a toothpick. In the future, how can I lighten up the figures? Thanks.
I just made my first figure out of fondant and gumpaste combined which came out very good considering I am not artistic at all! I attached a few pieces together with water and a little bit of the water oozed out creating a shiny spot. Can this be removed/minimized? Thanks!
I am trying to use fondant in a chocolate mold that is 1/2" deep and it is sticking even though I dusted with cornstarch. Any tips or suggestions?
Can't upload a picture here. I'll have to try to put it somewhere else and link it.
Hey Mamawrobin,Lesson learned! I cut the first board to the size of the pan exactly. There was no room for icing and fondant. With the second board under the first one, all was saved! Thought I'd have to bake another cake! Then I had an issue with the dragees (my first time using them). I attached them with buttercream and I kept bumping them off, so I took them all off and re did them with clear piping gel. Seemed ok. I wrapped the cake in plastic to make the...
Not really liking the new fondant I'm using. Its dry. Decorations are coming out ok. I'll post a picture probably tomorrow after the christening.
I did put some buttercream between the 2 cardboards.I cut it because I wanted very little excess for the top tier. Guess I learned my lesson.Thanks for your help.
I'm doing my cake now and I didn't leave enough room for the icing and the fondant. I tried to move the filled and iced cake onto a larger round but it started to crack so I stopped. So, I just put the larger cake round under the cake on the small cake round (so now there are 2 rounds there). Can I use the 2 bases or do I nned to bake some new cakes?
I use the cardboard "rounds" under the cakes to wrap and freeze them. Does anyone know if they make these in a plastic version so they would be reuseable? Or can the "rounds" be covered with something? Thanks.
I just placed an order with Candy Mold Central a few weeks ago and had no problem at all. Order arrived in a couple of days.
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