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I'm going to ask a silly question...did you roll out the fondant, place it on the cake and see it was too short, remove it and do it again? I get so paranoid about getting the fondant on the cake evenly especially on a big cake. Doesn't the buttercream get on the fondant?If you don't don't learn!
OK - this will be a stupid question...what are bubble tea straws...I've seen them mentioned on CC but not exactly sure about them. I'm assuming they are for supports? Are they strong enough? Whay are they called bubble tea?THANKS!! This is my lesson for today!
I really need help here! What is the easiest, neatest and straightest way to write on cakes. I just tried rolling out fondant and going over a font on wax paper. Very time consuming and not crazy about this (not neat enough). I wound up piping buttercream but my hand shakes when I'm trying to be perfect and I don't always space it out correctly.(I do have the wilton alphabet cutters, but they were not the correct font)THANKS!
Thank you Mamawrobin and everyone!!!!! I will do that!
There is about 2 tablespoons of low fat half and half. (LOL) Trying to save a calorie or two! Also 1 lb powdered sugar and cocoa powder. Thanks for the advice!
My recipe has 1 cup butter and 1/2 cup shortening (and Nutella). (Going under chocolate fondant.) Does this buttercream need to be refrigerated?Thanks!
How is the zebra pattern done?
I'm still learning about IMBC. Tried it once - Warren Brown's recipe. Taste was delicious but it curdled like cottage cheese. If you tasted it, it was like tiny pieces of butter and then they melted in your mouth. I also tried the pasturized egg whites (in the carton) and it says on the carton not to use for meringue. (Of course that was after I had started to whip them and got nowhere)
Someone told me about SCAL (Sure Cuts alot) and Make the Cut. The SCAL she said hooks to the computer so you can print anything on your cricut. She didn't have any info on the Make the cut. I too need some help with lettering, centering, aligning. I'm going to look into these. HTH
Thanks - the crisco and freezing worked! Yay!
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