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Well, I made my cake and I went the sixlets route. Looked great! I also did a vertical gumball machine with the sixlets in it. Again, looked great! So glad I asked! Now lets see if I can upload some photos!
Thanks for the tips! I'm going to check out the sixlets (I still can't beleive I've never heard of this candy!)
MamaDear - isn't that time consuming?
What are sixlets? Never heard of them. I need to make them gumball size - but I can never roll them perfectly round. I'll have to see about the size of the pearls.Thanks!
Any tips on doing a fondant "ball" border? How can I acheive perfectly round balls? Can they be made ahead of time? How are they secured to the cake/base?
Kakeladi,Thanks for the links of the cakes. I would not have thought of side by side! Interesting! Thanks so much!
That is a beautiful cake!!!!!!!!
I have a request for a cake for a husband and wife duel birthday celebration. They're in their 30s. Something relatively simple.TIA
I have an image with a peel back which I've never used before. Its a NY Jets football - Do I cut the white surrounding area away and do I need to use piping gel?TIA
How do I color fondant bold/neon colors (other than black or red or air brush)? I tried coloring some fondex navy blue and I used Americolor navy blue gel coloring but I used so much that it became sticky. (It didn't even get to a true navy color). TIA
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