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Hi, I need to know how to make a realistic looking snake to go around the bottom tier of the cake.  Its for a reptile theme birthday (9/21).  Probably a 10" round cake Is is fondant, gum paste or modeling chocolate?  How far in advance can I make this?  It would need to be flexible to wrap around the cake.   How do you get the "snake" so smooth?  How thick?  Is there an extruder large enough? How do you get the impression (I ordered a silicone mat) onto the...
Thank you very much Yortma, I appreciate your advice. I am seeing crumbs on the plate and I too am wondering if it is a little dry or just they way its being cut. is very good. I really like the texture. I will try Toba's recipe at your suggestion!
This was the first time I baked by weight and reverse creaming which I thought was intriguing also. I used Magic Line pans but I like the sides and bottom golden. The top was golden.
I just made this recipe for the first time. I followed the recipe to a T- EXCEPT instead of baking in two 9" pans; I baked them in 2 8" pans. (I also baked one cupcake for me to taste which is AWESOME!!!) When I turned out the cakes onto the racks, some of the bottom stuck to bottom of the pan which was greased, floured and wax papered. Also, I like the sides and bottom to be a golden color and this was light colored although it was done. One more thing - when it says...
I want to do non edible cupcake toppers for a fundraiser.  I want to get a picture of their logo for the topper.  Is this possible to do?  How can I do this?  Are there tutorials out there for BEGINNERS?  I have a Silhouette Cameo which I only used once or twice.  What are my options?  Don't need this till mid May so I think I have some time. TIA 
Hello, Would you mind emailing me the instructions too????? THANKS so much! Kerrie
I'm looking for a recipe (preferable a doctored mix) that is firm enough for under fondant yet light and flufffy. I tried Bunnywomans recipe which was cake mix, 4 eggs, 1 cup mild, 1 cup oil. Initally it tasted good but the next day it seemed to get oily - almost like a pound cake which I didn't like the texture.Thanks!
How can I get horizontal lines around the side of a round fondant cake so it looks like a stack of records?Grosgrain ribbon pin is not right - design is going in the wrong direction!TIA
I have a customer that does not like buttercream and wants whipped cream which I don't do. Is there something else I should consider for her?Thanks so much!
How do you use fresh fruit as a filling in a fondant cake? Is it laid on a pudding base and does it need to be refrigerated?Thanks so much!
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