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BRP box shop. They have free shipping and bulk prices.
Whenever I have cake scraps, I go ahead and make them into different flavor cake balls, freeze in single layers on a sheet pan, and then, once they are frozen, bag them and label them undipped. I have never frozen them once coated. I know that if you dip them while frozen, the chocolate or candy coating will crack so I would assume that if they were frozen coated, they would crack when coming to room temperature?
I am pretty sure I have the right gauge wire. I am using the same wires that is recommended in the video. I am using Satin Ice gumpaste for the petals. As far as having enough paste around the wire, I am rolling them on the cel board and running the wire in the ridge. The video says to rub the ridge out after the wire is inserted. Maybe not do that so the ridge stays thicker?
Please, please, please help. I am desperately trying to make a southern magnolia. I have Nicholas Lodge's video and I have watched other video tutorials on wired flowers. But, after SEVERAL attempts, I am still having the same disaster! The thing is absolutely beautiful until I start assembling the petals together. At this point, the petals start cracking where the wire is inserted and the whole thing has to be trashed to start all over again! Please, all of you flower...
I did an aircraft carrier cake and I carved three layers of a 9 x 13 rectangle to the shape of the carrier and the top deck tarmac was a black fondant covered board cut to shape.URL: the best, but it worked
What about a substitute for Pastry Pride or Rich's Bettercreme that is non-dairy? I know this is not exactly global, but is there anything that is shelf stable in the southern US that is equivalent?
I have a request for a chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache filling. I have not used ganache very much and was wondering if the ganache should be whipped before filling? Also, if it needs to be whipped, will it get runny if the cake is not refrigerated?
Nope. No refrigeration. Should I? I've never refrigerated my cakes unless there is something perishable in or on them.
I have used the same buttercream recipe for all of my cakes and it has always set and crusted perfectly. Suddenly, for the my last two cakes, I wake up in the morning and what seems like oil has oozed from the buttercream to make a puddle on the cake board. Does anyone know what may be going on???
I have been searching the forum for an hour on refrigeration topics and I am frustrated. I have steered clear of fruit filling because I am unsure of what needs to be refrigerated for food safety purposes. But, I am getting a lot of requests lately for fillings that are not buttercream. So, specifically, if I use a filling that is a mixture of fruit preserves, condensed milk, and powdered sugar, should this be refrigerated is the cake is made the day before it will be...
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