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Thanks everyone for your suggestions and nice comments! Yes, we are our own worst critics and no, 7 year olds wouldn't care. But it is my own personal standards and cake rep! Anyway, I went with the swags and I think it was just what it needed and turned out fabulous -the 'icing on the cake'... Again, I so appreciate the support and advice on here because sometimes I just can't think what to do!
You could use coffee stir sticks or some kind of straw.. But I have used lollipop sticks in my cakes and haven't had issues with them tearing, especially in fondant.  
 Hi,  I need suggestions on how to camouflage the bulge! ? I was going to do string work but my whipped buttercream doesn't work well for string work. Can't get it stiff enough, it seems   And I made my MMF too dry this time and it cracked. I think I did a good job with the smoke and mirrors (aka cake sparkles) so you can't see the cracks on the dress.  But now I have a massive bulging issue! This shouldn't have happened as it's not like I don't  know what I'm doing (I...
I always use clear vanilla to rub off errors on fondant. Just do it very gently. If possible, do the whole thing, so if it takes a bit of the color off, it will fade the whole cake. If not possible, then do it ever so gently with a paper towel. Then there is always smoke and mirrors. Cover it up with something, if all else fails....
I would try posting in the recipes section...
Hi,  I'm going to try the filling sleeves (CK brand- Barvarian) for the first time. I just want to know if anyone has frozen a cake already filled with them? Do they freeze well? I am pressed for time and need to get this cake done and frozen until my daughter's b-day party.  I just don't want a nasty (potentially runny) surprise when I pull it out to thaw the day before her birthday!   TIA Terri 
I have used shortening to shine things up, but I also have a clear spray glaze that I purchased from Global Sugar art. It works great! I used it on the eggs on my breakfast cake... (it's in my photos) and on other cakes that were painted and I didn't want to rub something on. I have also painted on confectioner's glaze- it works well for things like wine bottles.
If you use Isomalt it will be clearer than poured sugar. Both will look good.. and last long enough.  There are lots of tutorials on the web. Just be careful with both, as they are HOT and the burns hurt. Though, I found my isomalt burns to be worse than poured sugar burns... Have fun!
Hi,  Just wondering what the candy is around Elsa's dress - rock candy I'm assuming? Looks a bit too perfect for homemade- maybe it was bought? Help please!   TIA
White chocolate worked- thanks for the great suggestion!!!!
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