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Thank you!
You are all so kind! Love the Call me Maybe idea!
I'm flattered by all your kind words! I'd love for you to repost it anywhere you'd like - but please credit me as the author and don't alter it. I know it's just a for fun poem, but I'm proud of it because it speaks to this creative group of cake decorators that are a blessing to me for sure!
Done feeling sorry for myself after running into dead ends on turning this into a business. I still love to do it, so I'm going to focus on gifting to others. I recently found out about a couple who was getting married who could not afford a wedding cake because one of them had just finished chemotherapy and had mounting medical bills. Someone volunteered to make them their dream cake as a gift. The light bulb went off for me then - that is exactly what I want to...
Thank you so much, can't wait to try these ideas
This is the fee to only sell at Farmer's Market, or to sell in general? Here it's $215 to sell at Farmer's Markets, twice a month, only during the season. No health inspection.
So basically her business survives because there is no alternative. Nice! The locals don't want to embrace any one who can offer some delicious baked goods? Just to attached to those slow cooker meals and stuffed potatoes? LOL
I've tried different ways to make this work, but it just isn't going to happen for me. I really wanted to sell cupcakes, cake pops and cookies (no cakes) but in my state, it's just to difficult to get licensed. I'm in the most expensive and complicated County to get it done and do not have the financial resources to rise above it. Even to sell at the Farmer's Market in my County is a flat fee of $215. Other Counties are free or around $25. It just seems like at...
I have experimented with several options and the one that I found works the best is floral glue dots. They are larger and stickier than standard glue dots (like in the scrapbook/glue aisle) but still peel away easily. When doing wide ribbon to cover the majority of the cupcake liner, I use one dot near the top edge and one dot near the bottom. You can reposition a few times before they lose their full strength. These held great in transport and display and did not...
Wow! Congratulations! What a great opportunity! And I'm not jealous at all. Nope, not one bit.
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