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I apologize if screen printing isn't the same as what you were describing; I'm not very knowledgeable on those media.
Have you ever seen Amazing Wedding Cakes? The cake shop in Minnesota, Gateaux Inc, does screen printing too. On the show I've seen them use the same techniques for their screen printing on cakes (like putting a monogram on a fondant plaque). Perhaps you can ask them about their equipment?
I was researching desiccants to keep my sugar candies dry and found a product called DampRid commonly stocked in grocery stores. I didn't want a desiccant for food contact, just something to keep the containers that they were stored in dry. I emailed them to see if it was safe to use around food. Here is their response: my local grocery store, this item was just a couple bucks. I will be trying it with some pulled sugar candy soon. I've seen a...
here is a similar tutorial by
DanaG21 beat me to it! Good luck, hth!
here's another forum thread with tips on making tapered cakes:
don't forget French Buttercream! similar process to Italian and Swiss meringue buttercream, but using yolks instead of whites. yum!
I used a strip of freezer paper to help support the modelling chocolate when I last wrapped a 10" round ... it would have been helpful to have another set of hands though!
oooh i've never heard of sad streaks before. i did a search, is it like the picture in this post? are some suggestions:
i like going here:
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