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i'd use "almond bark" (aka candy coating) from the grocery store. luckily most 5-year-olds won't care that it's not gourmet honestly i'd just bring a microwave instead of risking little hands getting burned. melt a large bowl of chocolate and then dispense it in smaller bowls to be shared. re-warm when necessary. cover your surfaces with disposable table cloths (or freezer paper or something!) because this will be messy! incredibly fun sounding though.
there's always whipped ganache white or dark chocolate
you're just going to cover the dummy? i don't think it matters then. i'd use fondant because i have more of it readily available.
there's also "candy coal" .. i've used this recipe to make something to look like gravel.tutorial from "Sprinkle Bakes"
sillywabbitz, yes! i know what you're talking about! thanks, i'll make a mental note to stock up on those ... had completely forgotten about them.
i'll be visiting my brother in Dallas in a couple weekends, and i hope to have some time to stop by this place. let me know if there's anything else cool for me to check out there!
perhaps you can call them? just in case they're out of stock before you take the drive?
sherri, sounds like your blazing a new path for fondant use! sounds like a great idea. i've dipped cupcakes into melted marshmallows before ... and i've melted fondant to use for a rice cereal treat, but never thought to dip anything in it!
FYI there are Kraft "Caramel & Vanilla" marshmallows that are delicious!
you'd be rolling the paint on the top of the cookies, right? I imagine a brayer would only work if the cookie surface you wanted to ink was perfectly flat, which would be difficult. Perhaps a paintbrush or a foam pad?
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