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... and what happened to the tuile part that was in the subject? did i miss something?
can you just dip the cupcakes in melted chocolate after baking?
draw and cut out a template of your desired shape out of paper or cardstock. place that on your cake and then cut around it!crumb coats are really important for carved cakes since you are working with raw edges. take your time with it. make sure you have a consistency that can go on easily without pulling the cake.
I watched a couple of the promo videos Caljava had. Here's the one with Ruth Rickey (who I adore!): talks about how buying flowers affects her pricing.
once the cookie is baked, perhaps you can achieve a nice straight edge by "sanding" it on a microplane or fine cheese grater?
also the green florist foam at craft stores
for those curious (like me), i found the section for the show on food network's site here:'ve only watched the trailer (which does seem to have a lot of screaming), but i will try watching the episodes they have online soon.
normal food coloring won't work on candy melts, but you can buy pre-colored candy or the oil-based candy coloring (e.g. Wilton).
i've done a single color dark to light. i started out with a small amount of dark blue icing and iced 2 horizontal rows starting at the bottom. i then squirted all the icing out of my bag, and added a little white icing to slightly lighten the color, mixed it up, re-bagged it. then i piped 2 more rows. repeat all the way up!
you could weigh it before carving and weigh the cake after carving. based on the weight and number of servings before carving you can figure out what you're left with.
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