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You basically need a clear, edible alcohol ... something that will evaporate quickly without discoloring your work. People use Everclear specifically because it's clear and has such a high percentage of alcohol. But you can use vodka or lemon extract. Hope that helps!
all techno-babble aside, even great looking menus don't get read! so don't feel bad there's always going to be someone who doesn't think to look for the info themselves; they feel more comfortable just asking you directly. to WickedGoodies point, though, it's hard to ignore a nice lookin' picture ... yum!
wow that was pretty involved! another cool thing is that they sell entire cupcakes dipped in chocolate!!!
yeeesss I love that recipe. When I first made them and ate one, I said, "This is how sugar cookies should always taste!"
America's Test Kitchen proposed that the chewiness in their brownie and sugar cookie research was due to modifying the ratio of saturated to unsaturated fat in popular recipes.
too cute!!! thanks for sharing
i would guess a fancy food safe silicone mold. either home made or purchased. poured candy melts in it.
approx. how big would these bales be?
I gave away a lot of my silicone bakeware. It never looked clean no matter how much I scrubbed. For most cakes I'm looking for clean edges and a flexible silicone thing won't do. Every time I baked with it, I had to put an aluminum cookie sheet underneath just so I could grab the cookie sheet instead of the silicone in case it would deform the cake or because it was just too floppy to hold.I do use silicone bakeware for non-baking stuff. I use the mini brownie silicone...
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