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Fondant can be refrigerated; you just have to be careful about condensation when it comes back to room temp.
Hmm, this is an interesting challenge.    Hopefully someone has some tips!
Could you describe what you are painting?  Is this during the painting process?  Or does this happen after the paint has been left to dry?
excellent work!  congrats!
Is there a photo reference?  Which Batman are we talking about?  The latest movies?  Comic book?  Video game?
  Disregard this.  I don't usually use shortening in icing.  I most likely don't know what I'm talking about.
Couple things ...   In your buttercream recipe, the amount of fat seems high to me.     Ganache vs. buttercream for taste, that's a little subjective.  Personally, I like both, sometimes even mixed together!  However, other factors should come into play.  Does your target like chocolate?  Is the ingredient cost factored in the budget?   If your cake is due that soon with that many servings, I would go with a recipe that you have used many times before....
Butter is firm when cold.  Let it come to room temperature and it will soften up.  You may need to re-whip it.
thank you both so much for your thoughts! i think i might dig up a coupon and purchase it. i hope i have a good experience!
Does anyone have any opinions / reviews on the "Rectangular Cookie Sheet Baking Stone by Hartstone Pottery"?I can purchase it locally at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for $34.99. I was initially shopping for a pizza / bread baking stone, and came across it. I was weirded-out that this is for cookies. There's only 1 review on for it. What do yall think?
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