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You could split it up and color one manageable chunk at a time.  You can put it in the microwave for a few seconds so it is a little warm and easier to knead.
You want everyone to have a cupcake and a slice of cake?  Or cake for some, cupcakes for others?
Do you only want to order it online?
I've never tried it, but here's a link to a helpful tips sheet:   At the very end, they say:     I'd love to hear if anyone else concurs!
If you'd like to try Italian Meringue Buttercream, I suggest watching this tutorial:   If you want to try Swiss Meringue Buttercream, here's another:
I do not refrigerate my MMF (but you certainly can, if you like).  I keep mine wrapped in cling plastic, inside a zip-lock bag, and then inside an air-tight container in the pantry.  If I haven't used it within a month, I throw it out.     I'd love to hear what other people think!
Suggestions for your calculations:   How much were all your ingredients used in this cake (batter, icing, filling, fondant, etc)?   How much of your utilities (e.g. water, gas, electricity) did you use?   How much time did you put in to this cake and how much is your time worth?   Your cake looks good!  At the very least, add all the above together.  Don't sell yourself short ;)
If anyone into the comics can chime in, that would be great.  As far as I know, Gotham is usually portrayed as a big metropolitan city.  I can't think of any specific building (other than Wayne Enterprises) that are iconic to Batman.  Generic skyscrapers might just suffice.
Perhaps you should suggest to your client to provide a reference photo.  They may have something very specific in mind, especially hearing that they insist on it being airbrushed.
It sounds like it could be your paint.  What are you using?  Like lolarx8 suggested, food coloring gels + alcohol work well.  Sometimes I paint with airbrush colors (w/o the airbrush, you know?) straight from the container.  You want a color agent plus something that evaporates quickly like clear alcohol (e.g. vodka, Everclear).  
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