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I apologize for the unsupported link in my previous response.  I was not aware that the site I was referencing was banned from CakeCentral.
another option for electronic cutter would be the Silhouette with techniques from Linda McClure:   http://www.*******************/catalog_1.html
If your fondant is too sticky to handle, you can knead in some powdered sugar to it bit by bit.  If it is sticking to your work surface, you can dust your surface with powdered sugar, cornstarch, or a mix.  You can alternatively rub some vegetable shortening on your surface as well.  Hope that helps!
For clarity, do you mean to decorate after the cake pop is covered in chocolate?  Or were you asking for an alternative to covering it in chocolate?
another suggestion is making a cake dummy out of rice cereal treats.  you could line a cake tin with a sheet of plastic wrap and then cram in as much rice cereal treats as you can into it.  allow to firm up, then pull it out of the tin.
How interesting!  Thanks a bunch for those links.  I'm excited to try to baking with them and also experiment with thin layers.
hmph ... the internet tells me that you can bake with these too??  Anyone bake with cake rings instead of using cake pans?
I bought 6" and 8" cake rings and am wondering how to use them effectively (not for cutting out cake rounds, but for layering and icing).   For those of you who like using a "cake ring" for filling and icing your cakes, could you step me through your process?  I have seen cake rings used (briefly) on Amazing Wedding Cakes.  I understand that it helps when filling cakes with oozy fillings, and I get that it helps hold up the cake as you build layers.  Do you also use...
Can you do a tiered cake?  A 7" + 9" round would be about 50 servings.
If you split it up, try to get all pieces roughly the same color.  Then knead them all together, 1 piece at a time.     For example, if I had 1 kg fondant, I'd split it into 3 equal pieces.  I'd color and knead each piece separately to roughly the desired color.  Then I'd combine 2 of the pieces together and knead until all the color was smooth and even.  Then I'd add the last piece and repeat.
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