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Regular pencils are actually 1/4".  Use those as you would dowels to determine consistent thickness in your dough.
You can see the paper peeking through in this picture from Amazon.  It's underneath the foam.  
We can help more if you specify exactly which model you purchased or copy/paste the link (there are 2 Master cake decorating kits I found on Amazon).  Sometimes the paper instructions for the airbrush are underneath the black foam that's holding the airbrush pieces inside its plastic casing.
Good point!  Thanks, Lisa; I know you're pro!  I'll see you around That Takes The Cake in Austin in a few weeks!  :)  Hurray for recycling!
$17.40 on ... not too bad, right?
hmm ... what about that carving into ganache?  I saw a pic of that several months ago.
I really don't think you can over-knead it, but I do think you can over-color it.  Were you adding lots of gel food coloring to achieve a dark / rich color?  That can sometimes ruin the consistency.  Other factors for stickiness could be humidity.   I actually made that same recipe last night (I've made it several times before), but found it was a little too moist with exactly 2 lbs of powdered sugar. I would have kneaded in more powdered sugar to compensate, but...
yup!  several people cover rice cereal treats with buttercream to smooth it out before covering in fondant.  i've covered rice cereal treats with royal icing and gumpaste (for extra strong, not-intended-to-be-eaten pieces).
My co-worker and I are both learning how to use airbrushes (him for plastic models, me for the same + cake decorating ... don't worry, I use different airbrushes!).  In his research it was suggested he purchase the Iwata Airbrush Table-Top Cleaning Station.  He seems to like it a lot and I was wondering if anyone in the cake-world uses it.       Does anyone have this product or...
MTC is short for Make The Cut, a 3rd party software for cutter machines.  Sure Cuts a Lot, which Elbow642 mentioned, is a similar software and sometimes referred to as SCAL.  I believe the most recent editions of MTC and SCAL are no longer compatible with the Cricut machines.  If you were hoping to not rely on cartridges, this would be another disadvantage for purchasing a Cricut.  The Silhouette, I think, includes software that is similar to MTC and SCAL.  Silhouette...
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