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I always wrap the cakes really good if I'm putting them in the fridge and then when I take them out I let it come to room temp before I unwrap it. The colder the cake is when you unwrap it the more condensation will appear.
I would try adding this recipe to the box mix. It definitely helps.
I tried a new recipe out last night that called for almond bark. It turned out SOOO much better than the 2 times before. Thanks jlynnw for the cheesecake idea also!! I didn't even think about doing something like that!! Thanks everyone!!
The recipe I've been using is the Wilton recipe: 6 cups of p.s.1/2 cup of water2 tablespoons of light corn syrupand 1 tsp of almond extractIt's not that I mind the sweetness, it's just that you can't taste the cake or the filling bc it's so overpowering. Thanks everyone!!!
Ok, I need a serious petit four person to help me out on this!!! I'm making mini desserts for my cousins wedding reception THIS Thursday and have practiced the petit fours twice. The first time was terrible, but the second time was a little better. The only problem was that I didn't like the poured fondant. It came out WAY to sweet and overpowered the entire cake and filling. I know I did the recipe right so that's not the problem. Is it supposed to be like that? Does...
Gotcha!! I'll post again after buying the ingredients. Thanks!
I haven't bought the ingredients yet. Probably make more sense if I figured that out first huh?!?
So I've belonged to CC for a while now and I've been too nervous to post anything until now. I haven't been charging anyone for cakes, but a woman from my sisters work is insisting on paying me for a dozen cupcakes. The are fairly simple with soccer decorations and I haven't heard back from her yet to get a flavor or if she wants a filling. How much would you say is a reasonable price? I don't want to charge her too much just enough to cover the ingredients and maybe a...
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