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I have an order for these next week. I'm wondering if you'd flash freeze the cakes before cutting if it would be easier to manage? Any ideas?
Thanks, guys! I appreciate it!
If anyone knows of a home baker in Greensboro/Winston Salem, NC, please send them my way! They can email me at I can put them in touch with a lady that needs a wedding cake. I have a picture of the cake they are interested in. Thanks, guys!
Does anyone know a recipe to flavor a cake or icing to taste like black licorice? I hate the flavor personally, but I had a customer ask.
Thanks ladies!
I have a marines cake to do and I want to do the uniform, but I'm not sure how to make or if I can buy navy blue food coloring. Any suggestions?
Thanks!! I will do that!
I have a spiderman cake to do this weekend and I don't want the icing to be bitter. Any ideas how to make the red buttercream a rich red color without the yucky flavor?
Does anyone know of a way to get buttercream not to crack? every time I cover a sheet cake with my buttercream, when I lift it up to box it or deliver it, it always cracks. Is there a way to prevent this? Does anyone know what causes it to do it in the first place?
Thanks so much for the validation! I was so mad over this. Everyone watches these cake shows on TV and get these grand ideas, but they don't want to pay for them. I took my design back from her just in case she did find someone to fit her beer budget. I don't want someone else getting the design I worked so hard on. I don't mind to share on here, but that seems different to me for some reason. Thanks guys for making me feel better!
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