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I've found that the neon pink is too yellowish...I like the Americolor gel fuschia color to make hot pink. Be sure and let it sit for a will darken.
What is the difference between a cake with real cream cheese filling ( that hopefully was cold when delivered but was allowed to come to room temp over time), and a cream cheese cheeseball outside for hours on a buffet table? I personally don't like the thought of any cake outside simply because it could melt or attract bugs...but worrying about a cream cheese filling is the least of it.Henry and Henry's cream cheese filling in a sleeve is like all their other fillings...
I really wish people would quit worrying that a cream cheese based ANYTHING will suddenly turn and go bad within a few hours.  It won't.  Especially when there is sugar involved as it's a pretty good preservative.  If it did, I couldn't let my cream cheese soften before creaming it with the softened butter for my frosting! Plus you don't want your cake to be served cold as it can have a tendency to taste dry--especially if there's butter involved because butter is hard...
I've found Americolor Electric Pink to be too yellow.  Americolor Fuschia is what I use to get hot pink.  Everyone is correct about letting it sit for a while to darken.  Be patient. 
I used to have the TV on but I discovered I work best in complete silence.  I usually am up very late at night working when I have a cake to do and I stay focused more and work more quickly if it's quiet.  Of course it's hard to turn off my brain which is solving personal as well as world problems...which may be why the other stuff was a distraction! ;D
I did a fairy cake for a little girl a couple of years ago.  I loved doing it.  Instead of a fairy you could make your figure sitting atop or beside her house.  Or having a picnic on top of the tree house...  HTH!            
I actually was referring to Cake Central when I said fellow CC'er! I've done a few cupcakes but am mostly a hobby cake decorator. I'll look for the hot pink sounds cute!
Thanks! I love the hat too, but it was a bear making it.
I have one.  I've only used it a couple of times but I think I did a pretty good job making the figure.  I'd be happy to do one for you if you're still interested.  PM me if you are!   Here's the most recent's on my 'baby jungle cake' in my photos.
Here is my recipe for the buttercream I use as my go-to for all my cakes and it's perfect on red velvet and carrot cakes because it has cream cheese in's a crusting frosting that holds up well to fondant decor...and it's delicious.  I got the recipe from a bakery I worked for that used it all the time.   2 sticks (8 ounces) of real butter (I use salted Land 'o Lakes) 1 8 ounce package of cream cheese 2 pound package of powdered sugar.   Cream softened cream...
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