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^^^ what Shanter said!
I think the question of who the client is also needs to be asked. If it's for a black person who collects them (and there are people who do), then to me it would not be a problem. But for every other circumstance I would shy away. In fact, If you feel uncomfortable ...and it sounds like you might just play it safe and back off regardless. You were wise to ask.
Why are you so set on this recipe? If it's not working ,, find another one.
There's an easy solution. Go to a bakery and buy them a cake. You paid for it so it's your gift! Or if you want the ingredients let them do the shopping...and don't hold back. Besides eggs, flour and such you'll probably need fondant, gum paste...and hey that fancy mold you need to make the figure your nephews want so bad...and that cake pan you'd have to buy to get the right size they want, etc., and guess what? No cake! No reimbursements to...
So It's just the image you want help on? Because if it is I have no experience with bc transfers. Most all my cakes are covered in bc and I use fondant or gum paste for decor. If you just want to make a cap image, instead of buying fondant you could get a wilton black icing sheet and use a template downloaded from the internet (just google search 'graduation cap' in images) and then cut it out.
Well if you're new, then obviously you'll want to keep it pretty simple so it will be easier for you to learn as you go and still look good. Did you have a design in mind?
It is....that's why I asked you whether or not this was something you were asked to do because if you were not familiar with the caking world in general I was going to suggest doing something like full sheets to keep it simple and give you the quantity that you needed. Sometimes more information is needed in order to give helpful answers.
I'm just curious as to why you accepted such a large cake if you are not familiar with how to configure sizes. Is this something someone dumped on "I'll bring the potato salad and you can bring the cake" type of thing?
First bake a cake. Then decorate it. Easy peasy!
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