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I lost the paper. I wish I could find a copy. There is literally nothing out there online that I can find.
I feel stupid asking this. I ordered a big set of Wilton gumpaste tools...and I can't find anything about how to use them. Is there a tutorial out there that says how to use each tool? Some of them I know but I have a few that I really don't know what they are for. I lost the instructions. I am asking about the tools that have something on each end like the ball tool. I know how to use that one. But is there something explaining all of them out there? I can't find anything.
Whenever I try to make a modiifed cake mix with the WASC or any cake from scratch, the texture is always course like quick bread instead of light like cake. What am I doing wrong? I try and follow the recipes but it always ends up this way. I tried to make a red velvet cake and it came out tasting like zucchini bread. It is crusty and coarse. any suggestions?
do you think it will work to do this over fondant or do I need to use buttercream icing?
Thank you Lisa. That is exactly what I needed to see. I appreciate you posting the video.
I'm making a red velvet cake and want to do a black drip down the sides, like the eerie Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween cake. Can I get some suggestions on how to make this look the best? I haven't had a lot of success with a nice drip effect with ganache. Also, should I use buttercream or fondant under it in white? Thanks!
HaHaHa! I'm cracking up about Duff's cake taking 30 minutes....does she think the shows are live?
That is pretty much what I thought. They are slow but so much fun so I guess it is worth it if you are loving doing it. I also wonder how many calories are arm and back muscles are sore this morning.
I have been working on them all day and I have about 15 made. How much time does it take an experienced person to make them? I'm just curious.
She says the signs are in the hardware on the purse and in the sheen/color of the hardware and the leather....I have no idea. I buy my purses at Target.
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