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Thank you so much BlakesCakes! This is the kind of answer I expect from a Cake Central forum which is to help others in a nicely way and no, her comment was not helpful at all. Maybe the first sentence but the second one invalid everything so, I won't go with her "advice". I will definitely go with regular fondant and the use of Crisco as you mentioned, the idea of re-using the dummies is great! BTW, love your sugar work!! Just amazing!! Thanks again, I really appreciate...
An "Engineer" specializes on structure, design, building things... that is my strong ( I am a proud Industrial Engineer that loves cake deco). If I knew about recipes maybe i could name myself Cake/Pastry Chef. Thank you all for your inputs. It will be my first bridal show and wanted to make sure I am doing it right. I know is going to be a hit. Thanks again!!
Can I use MMF or it has to be the commercial fondant, the one you get in the stores?
Maybe using Tylose powder with fondant? Hmmm.
Hi,I am in need of some guidance in what to use to cover a tiered dummy cake. I want it to look like fondant. I was thinking in using gumpaste but you know how expensive it is and need to make 4 different dummy cakes for display. Is there any other thing/ idea I could use that looks like fondant and last for a long time? Should I mix fondant with gumpaste? Please advice. I am planning my first Bridal show as a vendor and would like to keep the fake cakes for display on my...
Thank you so much! This info is great.
Hi,I know there is a lot of home based cake business owners in FL here And would like to know if some of you can give me some guidance. I have been studying about what business structure to have and the more i read the more confused I get. I have been calling some CPAs to see if they can consult me but they charge a lot of money just for half hour. Could someone help me here? I want to register my cake business but dont know how. I am getting frustrated. the only thing i...
Te quedo bello, me encanta!
I subscribed and ordered the magazine at the beginning of this month, Am I going to receive the first issue or the second? I can't wait to receive it and take my picture with it!!! LOL!! Let see...hope is in my mailbox today!!
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