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she should trust that you know what you are doing after you name is on the line with this order, wedding cakes are our bread and butter. give her the spatula and tell her to do it herself or just shut it.
I agree with this one. I frezze my cakes straight from the oven. It seals in the moisture. I carve, coat, Ice and decorate my cakes cold. If moisture starts to form on the cake I trun on a small fan on low to keep it dry. The cake is always fresh tasting like it was baked the same day. I got this trick from a lady on you tube. works like a charm. and allows me to bake several cakes and have them on stand by.
when most people say "wedding cake flavor" they mean almond or an almond butter blend. Also a heating core would help with the falling cakes but you can always use marzipan or thick butter cream to level off the cake. If you can do speciality cakes you can do a wedding cake. Just take your time and look at some wedding cake videos on the net for inspiration.Good Luck
Hi Hedda, I am a La girl too WHo DaT!But anyway you dont really need the course to assit with the butter cream. I had a problem with it in the beginning (way back to January '09 ) andf I use a hand held mixer this is what works for me. Cream your shortening and flavor in a big bowl, in smaller bowl add all your dry ingredients blend them for about 30 seconds then slowly add them to your cream if it is too loose add more sugar, too thick a little water.I hope this helps!
I agree with this one and I think you should bring her a free cake to sweeten her up, a 10 inch round beautiful "I'm sorry cake" just to save your reputation
@ foxymomma521- yes it is food safe@ giggysmack I will try your AmericolourI have to order them on the net I have no Idea where to get them in Fort Worth but in the mean time what kind of alcohol do you mean ? like Gin and Vodka?
:O ypu could have mixed it with buttercream and used it for filling... its good never toss what you can recycle into something good and gooey lol
here it is
I am doing this from now on! TY ty TY tyTY!!!
I bought the air brush with the canned air(I saw this guy use on youtube~awesome hot dog cake) I diluted wiltons gel paste and the dye either beads up or runs! Help I an VERY new to decorating and would love to step it up.Any and all help is welcomed! Thanx
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