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Hopefully you did not throw out the cake. It would probably make great cake balls. There is info on CC about cake balls if you don't know about them. They're the best. As far as the baking strips there was a Youtube video that showed how you can make it yourself. You take a heavy bath towel and cut a strip the length you need to go around the pan and the height of the pan. Wet them really well in cold water and then use a large straight pin to secure the end of the...
Depending how much they domed, one technique I found on Youtube is to take a towel and when they come out of the oven pat down the cake while it is still hot. This works to make it not so domed. Hope this helps.
quick question regarding leaving the cake in pan to cool. You say no more than 10 min. Is that for any size pan. I thought larger rounds (i.e. 10/12) would require longer cooling time.
Thanks for your help
Bashini - what are your proportions for the ganach and buttercream. I have not filled a fondant cake yet and am anxious to try.Pink ziab - I haver never worked with Santin Fondant before. I usually use MMF. What do you like about Satin.
Sorry, found my answer on another thread. Sometimes I post too quickly.
Sorry folks, I found the thread all about never use BC under fondant. It is answering my question. Sometimes, in haste I post too quick. Sorry for taking up your space and time.
There are so many suggestions for ganache. I want to use ganache as the crumb coat under the fondant. Is any one better than another. Also, can you fill with the same ganache as your crumbcoat with?
There are so many different suggestions for ganache. I am new and was reading all about using the ganach as the coating under the fondant. Is there any one ganache recipe that is better than another for that. Or are they all about the same. Help, I want to do this soon.
Thanks for the link
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